30 Day Challenge #1 – No Sweets

I’ve often seen that, if you want to start a new habit or get rid of an old one, trying the change for 30 days is sufficient to see if it works out for you or not. I’ve done some 30 day challenges in the past aswell and for me it is a good timespan, not too long and not too short.

So recently I’ve been eating a lot of sweets, crisps or just frankly put junk food. As this doesn’t suit my eating habits of eating healthy, whole and especially natural I decided to not eat any unnecessary food for the next 30 days. This includes stuff like sweets, crisps, ice cream and more. Above all are most of those things made with milk or egg and contain stuff the body doesn’t need at all. Excludes from this are trail mixes and chocolate (85+ % cocoa).

I’ll update this post with what I experience and difficulties I may face.

Until then.

Yours Max Müller


Day #1:

So today I was working as a waiter and as waiter you are always surrounded by delicious food, unfortunately most of the time you are not allowed to eat it. So today I ate a cookie and a piece of cake, I totally forgot that I had this challenge going on ^^. Well then, let’s make it one day longer.

Day #4:

On the Weekend I’ve been working on the “Just V Show” in Berlin. Right before the end of the working day a man came to me, we had a chat and I told him I would visit his stall. So I went there and stood in front of a lot of tortilla chips, which is one of his products. The rest is sweets as well. Out of courtesy I tried one of those chips although it’s against my challenge. So one more day to add 😀

Day #8:

One week is over now. I have to admit it is harder than expected. Often times there are sweets or crisps near me, I never noticed that before, and I just like to eat ^^. Anyways it’s fun doing it and always telling oneself you don’t want to eat it and just train your willpower.

Day #16:

It’s still very tempting all this candy but now it’s not so hard to say no anymore. Today after dinner tough we went to the ice cream shop together. Having arrived I thought: “Well if there’s vegan ice cream, than I eat some.” The end of the story is, I ate three scoops of milk ice cream and it wasn’t all so delicious either. What a peer feeling can lead to. “Everybody eats ice-cream, well than I eat some aswell before sitting here idle.” There’s work to be done for sure 🙂

Well anyways, that means one day more…

Day #28:

It’s almost done. After struggling in the beginning I now don’t have any longings for sweets no more and if I want something sweet I eat an apple. Adding to that is, that if I see candy I don’t want them no more and only see the sugar. I recently treated myself to the audiobook “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod and it was, amongst other things, about forming habits. He said that from day 20 of a 30 day challenge the execution of the exercise gets very easy, because you’ve been doing it for 20 days already and have thus conditioned yourself to it. I agree with him, for one week now it really is a no brainer for me to eat no sweets. 5 more days and there follows an evaluation of all that.


The challenge is over now and now comes the evaluation. How I already stated in the last update, my longings for sugar-candy or crisps are gone completely. When appetite is arising for sth. like that now, I just eat a banana or other fruit and am totally satisfied with it. Whether  I feel better physically or not I can’t tell but I don’t feel worse. Mentally I do feel better because I know I don’t have to eat something like that and that there’s no need for it from my side either. It was also good for my wallet not buying ice cream, crisps or any candy. For everybody that wants to try it themselves I have following recommendations:

– Get rid of all the sweets in your environment. One of my biggest problems was, that by working as a waiter and on fairs I was constantly surrounded by sweets so I was always exposed to the temptation. If it wouldn’t have been like that, two slips could’ve been avoided.

– Communicate your plans with your friends, relatives, colleagues, just everybody that surrounds you. If you have understanding people around you, and I mostly earned sympathy when telling that I don’t want to eat sweets for 30 days, it’s more likely for them to not ask you so often if you want something sweet, maybe even remind you of your plans.

– Remind your self every day of your goal, especially in the morning. If you remind your self every morning of what you want to achieve, then it’s easier for you to not forget it. Seems obvious and is of much use. On the first day I just forgot about my plans of not wanting to eat any candy and so I just ate the cookie.

I think the 30 days also vividly showed the process that can be expected, from the struggles in the beginning to the now final easiness. I look forward to the next challenge which will be about a very important habit, especially because I now know better how to do things.


So until then.

Yours Max Müller


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