Conclusion for my english Friends / Chiang Mai / Day 15 12.15.16

Hi there everyone!

So I arrived in Thailand exactly half a month ago. After an uncomfortable flight, the first thing I did was to get a 2 hour thaimassage and then I went to bed lol. Coming to Thailand and waking up there was a great feeling. As you may or may not know, it is warm, people are very nice and life is cheap by our standards. So I went out to get some food and I met this german girl and we went out together. She showed me a bit of her Bangkok, as she used to stay there for 5 months, which consisted of rooftop bars near the Sukhumvit Road – very cool. I felt like when I was in Singapore and everywhere were these big skyscrapers.
So fast forward 2 days and I arrived in Chiang Mai, about to check into my hotel – the TarnTongBoutique. If you ever want to go to Chiang Mai and are looking for a place – go there. They have friendly, english speaking staff who are eager to help you with everything you could think of. Wanna go somewhere or buy something? They will show you how to get there and where to get what you want. The first encounter I made with the guy behind the counter was great. He asked me where my luggage is and I was like: “Luggage? What luggage?” Cause I came to Thailand with nothing more than a 20l backpack. So me and Ozzy, that’s the guy behind the counter, chatted for a bit and he was like: “So you wanna go to the thai boxing tonight or what?” “Uhmm.. Sure, why not.” I didn’t really feel like doing something cause that’s just me but I thought I just give it a shot, and can be boring later lol. So I went to the fight, it was real fun to watch as they had 4 K.Os and after that, all of a sudden, there was Ozzy grinning at me and wanting to take me to a bar. Sure 😀 So I went with him, into that bar, and after it closed we went to see some of his friends, all thai people. Which is very funny, because the moment we left the bar I was like: “Oh I’d rather hang out with thai people than with farangs.” So I met some of his friends and there also were like 4 ladyboys. Fortunately I don’t have fears of contacts so I sat there and chatted with them. One of the guys there was gay and he repeatedly jokingly touched me á la shaking my balls and then when I was looking at him he said: “Oh sorry, I said that’s the way you say hello.” I was just like: “If it feels good to you, do it.” We went to Bar then called: The Living Room and continued our session there until about 2 when Mark – the gay guy – and me went to a gay bar. It was fun to hang around there, chatting with people and playing pool. I’d say my first day in Chiang Mai was a success.
The next day I wanted to go and play volleyball with Mark and his friends. Mark fetched me, we drove to the volleyball court and I got out of the car. Just 50m separated me from the field. I made my way to the volleyball field and halfway through gently brushed a pipe, nothing special and I think that happens to everybody of us atleast once a week right? So I looked down randomly and saw there was this hole in my calf, so deep, you could see the fat. Okay then, no volleyball for me today and I headed straight to the hospital. Hospital was nice, I felt well taken care of and they stitched my wound with 5 stitches. Since then I went to the wound cleaning everyday until they removed my threads last Sunday. The wound looks and feels okay, I don’t have any pain or something.

Back to the chronologic storytelling. I visited my buddy Jessy in Chiang Rai for 2 days and went with him to school there, because he is a volunteer english teacher for a year here in Thailand. It’s so funny because people in Thailand always try to hook you up with a thai girl. So we arrived at the school and the headteacher (female) asked me which of these girls (teacher) I like, lol. So I pointed two of them out and then all day long it was this funny thing going on between basically school staff and me and one female teacher that we… I don’t know what we, maybe should go out to eat or sth. But she said that I am more like a brother to her and she is into older guys. (Sidenote: After we played some english games with the whole school at the end of the day and me and the teacher had a kind of fotoshooting, she agreed to go out and eat with me when my thai is better. :D) Teaching was quite fun, because all those kids really loved us and came to hug us, touch my beard and stuff. And you could see that they really enjoyed being taught english by us and in general.

She is the one on the left

So I came back to Chiang Mai and searched for an apartment. Ozzy helped me with it and we somehow dug up a place for just 2400 Baht a month. That is about 65€ a month. Its about 20 sqm and comes with wifi. It has a basic thai style toilet, so no western sit-on toilet but that is totally okay. The only downside is, that I don’t have a separate sink and no water hose to spray my butt after pooing, but for 65€ that is acceptable. My landlords are 2 thai ladies, that barely speak english and I love it because it gives me even more of a reason to learn thai. I decorated it lately with two nice plants about 80cm high and the way I got them to my apartment was on scooter. Ozzy drove the scooter and I had two big plants on me, one on every leg, and held them like I was hugging them. It is so unfortunate that nobody took a photo because it looked just hilarious. It’s really lovely and I love my new home.
I also met this thai lady called Nok, she owns a food stall near my apartment and she also happens to speak english. So I went there one day and ordered Sum Tam, which is a delicious spicy papaya salad and we got into conversation. Now she became a good friend of mine and I am at her food stall almost every day to just hang out.
Last week my friend Jessy came over and he introduced me to nine german girls that are also teachers but here in Chiang Mai, not in Chiang Rai. We went to a place called The Warmup Cafe which is very cool because you don’t have to pay any entrance fee and there is lots of music and people in there. So I dance over there like I always do haha 😀 It’s also funny to see how easy it is to get into conversation over here. Be it due to the fact that there is more women than man, or that I am a farang, I just went up to people, stood near them or sat at their table because I wanted to sent a sms and they immediately engaged me into conversation. All in all life is great here in Thailand and I think I will stay here until May. It also is so cheap!
My calculated spendings come together to about 330 € every month so far. That includes:
– 65€ for my apartment,
– 95€ for Punspace, the coworking space,
– 180€ for food and it’s so much food that I am stuffed full with delicious, healthy food.

That’s the pretty basic calculation. Add in:
– 4×5€ for a 1 hour thai massage every week
– 10×1€ for every session of the gym

And you are well taken care of with 360€ each month. So if I would have to I could get along here with just about 250€ each month and I’d be well fed, had sun, wifi and a lot of food. I’m loving it!!

That’s it so far guys, enjoy life! :))

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