How to get a motorbike drivers license on a tourist visa in Chiang Mai Thailand – As of January 12th 2018

How to get a drivers license in Chiang Mai – On a tourist visa!!
First off, when I tried to find out if it’s possible to make a drivers license for the motorbike, especially on a tourist visa, I found contradicting infos.

A very well known website,, states that it is not possible anymore to get a drivers license on a tourist visa.

Whereas in the famous forum it says that you can do it.

As I’ve been stopped by the police two times already and had to pay fines, I thought I’ll just find it out myself.
Good news – You can get a drivers license for a car or motorbike on a tourist visa.

As of Jan. 12th 2018

What do you need:

1) Residency certificate.

– 2 passport photos

– copy of passport (first page, immigration card, latest entry stamp, visa page)

– letter of your landlord stating where you stay, or  rental contract, or yellow book

– residency certificate application (I’ll be so free to post a link to chiang mai buddy here, if that’s not okay, please let me know:
– 500 Baht

2) Health certificate.

– 40 – 100 Baht and 15 minutes

Later on you will also need another copy of all the above mentioned passport pages for the arartment of land transport, to apply for your drivers license. You need one set of each of these for each drivers license. So if you want to make the motorcycle and the car license you need:

– 2 residency certificates
– 2 health certificates

(copies as the second document are totally fine)

And a total of:

– 2 passport photos

– 3 copys of each of the above mentioned passport pages

– letter of your landlord stating where you are, or rental contract, or yellow book
– residency certificate application

If you only need one license you need:

– 1 residency certificate

– 1 health certificate

And a total of:

– 2 passport photos
– 2 copys of each of the above mentioned passport pages

– letter of your landlord stating where you are, or rental contract, or yellow book
– residency certificate application

1)  To get the residency certificate, go to the promenada mall. That’s where the immigration office for chiang mai is located, they prolong your visa and also there is the guy who gives out the residency certificate.

There is a copy shop where you can make copies, and left of it is an office with milky glass doors, labeled office number 7, that’s where you have to go to get the certificate.
Just give the man everything he needs, also the 500 Baht and come back the next day, from 1pm on.
First thing done.
Btw, I think it doesn’t matter if your passport says you can  only stay 20 more days or 2 months, I got mine when I could only stay 20 more days.

2) Now you need to get a health certificate, I went to a small clinic near Ratchapat university in santhitham. Don’t be fooled like me, when you hear the word clinic, it is basically just a room with a guy sitting behind the desk. Just say drivers license, and he’ll know what’s up. Give him your passport, wait until he put your name and everything on a paper, put a stamp on it and them hand him 40 baht. That’s it. The building has green letters on a white sign at the ceiling in front of it, here’s a map for that: It’s the small square labeled clinic.

3) Go to the department of Land Transport on the way to hang dong. After passing the airport on your way to hang dong and big c, you will see a blue sign with a helmet to your left, that’s where you enter.
The acquisition of the drivers license takes 2 days.
The first day I was there at about 7:30 am. I was greeted by a man who gave me a paper. You have to write down you phone number there and make a cross if you want to make a new license, just kindly ask the guy which one is for a new license and he will tell you. On the internet there is often still the old application form, but you don’t need it. At about 8 am we where allowed to go upstairs and hand a guy at counter 27 our passport and copies and the application, you’ll get a number in return.
Now go to room number 1, he’ll probably tell you so anyway, and just sit here until 10 with the other students and demonstrate that you can tell which color is red, green and yellow.
After that you go to a test where you sit in a chair and have 2 pedals on the floor in front of you , one is the gas pedal the other one the brake pedal and in front of you is a “traffic light”.
Rest your right foot on the gas pedal as long as the light is green, and as soon as it turns red press the brake button. The time you have to press the brake is generous, so no worries.

After that you will have 2 hours of thai driving lecture with English subtitle. Nothing too fancy, I slept most of that time.
From 12pm to 1pm you have a break, I went to big C to get some food, it’s left around the corner.

And then again from 1pm to 4pm you have another film and also the teacher then handed out some books to learn about the different thai signs.

And that’s it, training day is over! I would recommend learning some of the questions online. They are pretty easy and if you use common sense and just make the test on this website twice or three times, you will most surely pass.

Now the next day you arrive at 10am at the Deparment of Land Transport and make the e-exam, the theory test. You’ll go to room number four, and then the numbers will be called which you had on your little card from yesterday, which you got in turn for your documents – remember? So try to remember that number.
The whole process is pretty straight forward. You’ll get an electronic card, put it into the computer, finish the test, pull out the card – DONE. You’ll be handed back your documents from the beginning + a stamp and a signature saying that you passed.

After that you’ll leave the building and head to the right hand side. You’ll most likely see the track for the motorbike practical test, and also another small building. Go in there, hand them your documents, sign your name in that paper and do something in your spare time, because the test starts at 1pm.

It’s easy. First off, do not take the helmet off ever. With ever I mean, not until you got your papers back in your hand and passed.
Second, if you stop, put both your legs on the ground.

The test is pretty easy: You drive until the blue arrow, where you turn right. Then at the stop sign you stop, count till 3 and turn left over the “hill”. Turn left at the end of the street, follow the road and drive zig-zag through the cones. At the next line stop again. Now that’s the part I feared the most, because I read so much about it, but actually it’s super easy. Driving over a stone ledge. It’s about 30cm in width and 15m long, easy doing just go over it in a normal speed. Finally stop at the arrow, count till 3 and you’re done – YEY!!
Collect your stuff from the guy – still wearing your helmet – and go back to the main building.

Here you go up again, to the info counter this time. Show the woman your documents and she will hand you a number. Wait until that number is called for, go to the counter which it says on the screen next to your number and pay 105 Baht.
Next up go to take a photo behind the guys at the counter, the entrance is in between the two long counters.

Take the photo, pay 10 Baht for a cover for your license if you want it and you are finally DONE! 🙂

Now you have a temporary license for 2 years.

All in all it cost:

105 Baht for the license
10 Baht for the cover

40 Baht for the Health certificate

500 Baht for the residency certificate

That’s 655 Baht, for a motorbike license.

I hope that’s easy to understand and you guys can follow it and it takes away some of the confusion. Happy new year everyone! :))

10 thoughts on “How to get a motorbike drivers license on a tourist visa in Chiang Mai Thailand – As of January 12th 2018

  1. Chris

    Thanks for writing this up so well. I saw you post it on CM Digital Nomads FB group, right when I was considering doing it. I used this guide every day for the last week as I completed the process. Thanks again!

  2. david

    hi max thank for posting in bangkok it more complicated they ask you stamp from your embassy or immigation to certified you condo rental agreement ! and my embassy dont do that and immigration neither not on short stay visa unfortunately…

    i found a agency ( thai fat boy )who say can do it for me with driving translation but the cost increase agency 1900 and translation 500 and the stamps from embassy 980 etc etc…

    My question is do you get A stamp on your driving license ( that mean u can drive everywhere in the word motorcycle ) or they just give you a extra paper for motorcycle ?

    i m intrested in the permit with a Big A on it that mean motorcycle driving license everywhere in the word ???

    Do you get that thanks


  3. Ronny

    Thanks for your post, pretty useful.

    Do you have to take these tests if you already have a driver’s licence and just want a Thai equivalent?

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  5. Shaun Moonen

    HI max, does the residency certificate have to be for Chiang mai ?
    Can it be in hua hin for example, but still do the licence in Chuang Mai /


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