The Respect Words

So recently I was working and this guy, out of the blue, asked me how many languages I speak. So I was like: “Conversational about 4 but I know how to say  ‘Hello’, ‘Please’, Thank you’ and ’Goodbye’ in about 10 and I call these words respect words.” So he thanked me for that conversation and sat on his table and went on telling his friends about what I just shared with him.

The funny thing is, I never articulated it that way before and made it up on the go, but I really do believe in that concept. I think if you go to a country you should bother to learn at least these 4 words, maybe adding ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ to it. It just shows the people living there that you’re actually interested in their culture and making an effort to get in touch with them. People will be happy to hear you speak their language, even if it’s just a tiny bit.

So go for it and make an effort next time when you visit a new country to learn these four words. It will make people smile and bring everyone involved joy 🙂


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